400EX Rear Link
This rear link for the 400ex is designed to replace the front link of the rear linkage for those who are running 20 inch rear tires and a stock rear shock.It will allow you to lower your bike to a very popular ride height for XC racing as well as adding extra wheel travel. This link comes complete with bearings and seals.

What about my skid plate? ---------You will need to cut out your skid plate as this combination will extend lower.

What about my rear shock? --------- You will need to revalve and respring your rear shock of you intend to race with this or if you are and aggressive trail ridder.

Will the stock bearings work? ----------Yes the stock bearings will work. We also have the Pivot Works bearings in stock and can send the link with them installed. The only extra you will pay is for the bearings. The labor is free at the time of purchase.