G T Thunder A Arms

G T Thunder a arms are based on many years of riding and racing in sand, trails, MX, TT, Flat Track, and XC racing.

Our a arms cover several essential needs:

* Strength - Our lower a arms are made of .125 wall tubing and are the strongest ones made

*Geometry - Our a arms are based on proven angles and have the required ball joint angles

*Simplicity - Our a arms have evrything you need but no extra that raise the cost

Our A arms are simply the best!!


The Long Travel Myth

For many years there has been a long travel myth used by many companies to market shocks that are longer then needed - heavier then needed - and more expensive then needed and a arms to fit these shocks that had the shock mount moved down way low where it can hit things easier - again these a arms are more expensive then need by simply by calling them long travel.

The facts are - in each type of riding or racing there is an ideal amount of wheel travel at an ideal location - this can be achieved most times without the extremly long and heavy shocks. Increasing the wheel travel so that the wheels go up further then ideal simply cause a safety problem with your frame hitting the ground - incresing the wheel travel so that the wheels go down further then ideal simply make the ATV handle sloppy and loses some of the precise control that is needed for racing.

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