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Service Rates

Service Front Shocks - Each plus parts $55.00
Service Fox or Elka Front Shocks - Price each $75.00
Service Rear Shock - Plus parts $75.00
Bore Cylinder - See Note 1 $75.00
Rebuild Crank (plus parts) $75.00
Complete Engine Labor $495.00
Service 4 Valve Head $129.95
Service 5 Valve Head $159.95





1. To bore a cylinder to size accurately we need a piston here when we bore it. Please send along your piston that you will be running in the engine. If you send no piston along with your cylinder - you are authorizing us to provide the piston at your cost to accurately bore and size the cylinder. IF YOU HAVE NO DESIRE TO HAVE YOUR CYLINDER SIZED ACCURATELY - PLEASE SEND IT SOME WHERE ELSE.